Our commitments

To do the best for each and every client, combining business and technological vision and adopting a collaborative approach towards solving problems via a grand human and technical team.

We are based on our values of excellence, integrity, teamwork, quality, innovation and client orientation.

Specialty Areas

System Integration

Our  highly-qualified professionals team, with vast experience in integration projects (ESB, Microservices, API Management…) will help you to improve and automate your business processes. In our projects:

  • We reduce costs applying the best implementation practices, as a part of our continuous improvement process.
  • We significantly reduce development time by reusing components already tested and implemented.
  • We keep high quality level through our testing processes as well as the validation of each component and of the system as a whole.

We assisst organizations from several industries in the design, adoption and governance of SOA architectures, making easier the standards-based interoperability, the sustainable & structured growth of functionalities and the kick off and deployment ox complex systems.

Process Automation

We have extensive experience in BPM, with a team specialized in solutions development (BPM, B2B, BAM, IPA, etc.) and architectures for process management in large organizations.

We offer customized service management to the client,, which implies supporting the client’s team by transmitting our knowledge about the different tools, designing, implementing and optimizing the execution and testing environments; providing support to establish process governance; establishing an evolutionary model of the solution solution in function of monitoring metrics, etc.

Digital Transformation

Our experience in different  knowledge areas of the digital world allows us to offer a complete vision of opportunities in new businesses, supporting all types of companies in their digital transformation.

Our services cover from the strategy and digital business models set-up to the websites, apps and mobility solutions development together with our partner Gwella Mobile as well as training and monitoring the client teams to internalize all digital world capabilities.

We are based in our innovation methodology of demonstrated effectiveness at high value added projects.

Media and audio-visual services

We are specialists in the creation, broadcast and protection of all types of content (conferences, courses, TV shows, movies, concerts, etc.) live via streaming and deferred.

We have an advanced monetization and content-distribution platform via landline internet and also mobile environment, by the infrastructure of our partner Transparent CDN.

We have experience in the development of advanced systems for video visualization, such as multi-camera player, embedded systems, real-time editing, collaborative video, etc.

Big Data / Analytics

Starting with our experience with the management of immense amounts of data, we work with our clients in the implementation of high-value systems for the business through the application of Big Data analysis techniques, along with pattern identification models by means of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

We have a Big Data solution of user experience management, called MonSync. This solution, implemented in large corporations, allows us to know in real time what every customer is doing in a website or in a mobile application, enabling us to get ahead of the client’s actions through the identification of behavioral patterns and predictive analysis.




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