CORUS origin was based in Tenentia (dedicated to systems integration and process optimisation) and M4V Interactive Business (dedicated, among other topics, to the broadcast and management of audiovisual contents.

2004 –  Foundation –  dedicated to systems integration in large customers.

2007 – Through its partnership with Software AG, Tenentia begins its international expansion in Latam, specially in Mexico and Colombia, serving both local clients and Spanish multinationals based in those countries.

2007 – From its beginning, M4V delves into all IT services related with audiovisual content broadcast, such as the development of specialized video players, syndication and content management solutions (specially video) or CDN services to ensure satisfactory user´s experience in massive streaming events.


2016 – The Atamaral investment acquires minority stakes in M4V and Tenentia, as well as in other niche companies.

2017CORUS GROUP was formed by the merge of several subsidiaries of Atamaral under its parent company CORUS SYSTEMS & CONSULTING GROUP S.L. as well as other companies such as Transparent , Inlog or Alarzel, with which it mantains collaboration agreements.